Paxi is a group of islands the largest of which is Paxi and Antipaxi.They are lockated 7 miles south of Corfu,8 miles away from the inland of greece and 12 miles away from Parga.The shape of Paxi is like a lizard and the same stands for Antipaxi.Paxi is about 29 square klm and Antipaxi about 3 square klm.

It is a small ever green heaven.An island full of mythology that combines class with simplisity.Like all the islands in the Ionian sea green is the colour that you will see mostly and large fields of olive trees.It is recomended for anyone who enjoys nature and it is suitable for field trips,spending many hours on the amazing beaches and the swimming in the crystal blue seas.You can have romantic walks in the narrow passeges of the island and traditional greek entertainment at the bars and restaurants of the island.

Paxi,according to the Greek mythology,were created when Poseidon,the God of the seas,hit Corfu with his all-mighty trident cutting of a piece which formed the island that he housed his love with Amfitriti.This is the reason the emblem of the island is a Trident.Homer is the first to mention Paxi.Exempt the mythological value of the island it also has a historical value because people have live there for many years and it has been an issue for many who tried to rule it following the fate of Corfu.

Today Paxi belong to the municipality of Corfu.It has about 2500 residents who mostly live on the olive trees,fishing and tourism.The most known product of the island is the olive oil which is of exelent quality and is considered to be one of the best in Greece.
Paxi has touristicaly doveloped,there are many hotels,rooms to let and everything you will need in order to enjoy your time on the island.It is not a coincinence that many celebrities have come to the island to spend their vacation.